The Most Magical Experience

I was lucky enough to have ended my 2016 with the most magical experience I could have ever imagined. Visiting Disneyland I’m sure is every child’s dream and whilst I write this blogpost I’m reminiscing the many times as a little girl I jumped out of bed squealing with excitement that within a few hours I would be meeting all my favourite Disney characters.

I wish I still had the same worries now that the 6 year old me did, running around getting as many autograph’s from all my favourite Disney characters so that I could tell all my friends about it when I was back at school and show my teacher’s all my photograph’s taken with Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

Nevertheless, there was just something about being able to witness this magical place as an adult that made feel so incredibly blessed and happy. The experience was made even better being that it was so Christmassy! Christmas is definitely my favourite holiday of the year and being able to witness this beautiful place during Christmas made it that extra bit special.

Despite the freeeeezing cold, the memories I made were priceless. I honestly couldn’t have  had a better adventure which I was lucky enough to share with my lovely mom. Laughing and also crying about our lost suitcase, smiling as we sipped on hot chocolates to warm ourselves up and being thankful for the opportunities I am blessed to enjoy as we witness the magical shows. Memories are the best reminder of happiness and as I look back on all the pictures I took, I can’t be anything but grateful for the wonderful life I am able to live.

The ‘Disney Dream Spectacular show’ was incredible and even though that meant staying out till 10am (when I’m usually in bed ;)) it was one of the most beautifulest shows I have ever seen.

Sophie x


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