3 must see attractions when in Paris

Paris, the dreamy city of love and one of the world’s top tourist destinations. I’m not surprised with the picturesque and beautifully breath-taking scenery it has to offer.

Our beautiful view from the hotel!

I was lucky enough to visit Paris for my 18th birthday. However, with it only being a short getaway (three nights and four days) we had to ensure we had planned our visit ahead of time to make sure we got to witness all the picturesque landscapes Paris has.

Here’s a rundown of my top three places you must visit if short form time when in Paris!

1. The Eiffel Tower

Some of the amazing views from the top of the tower!

IMG_3188The Eiffel Tower from the River Seine!

Going up the Eiffel tower to witness the spectacular views is the highlight of any Paris trip. I’d recommend booking in advance online or going quite early so you can avoid some very long queues!! The choice is yours whether you get a lift to the top (for €11) or if you’re feeling like more of a challenge take the stairs to at least the second floor (for €7)! We all know the city of Paris is beautiful, but witnessing the viewpoints from the floors of the Eiffel Tower makes it that extra bit special and breath taking.

2. Pont De Arts 

IMG_2856Over 700,000 locks on the bridge!!

The bridge of love which overlooks the River Seine is so popular amongst tourists in Paris. You can take a leisurely stroll across the bridge to access more beautiful sites including the Louvre Palace and links to the Institut de France. Whilst strolling along the bridge you can admire the view (where you can also see the Eiffel Tower from a distance, enjoy a picnic, take numerous pictures and even attach your own personalised padlock to the bridge as a symbolic memory.

Witness the incredible views from the bridge!

3. River Seine

IMG_3211My sister admiring the beautiful architecture of Paris

If you’re short on time and the river cruise is amazing as you can kill nine birds in one stone by taking the 1.5-2 hour looped journey and witness the different breath-taking stops the boat flows through. The cruise is so worth it as you learn a lot of historic and educational facts about Paris’ architecture and its surroundings. On a beautiful sunny day, nothing is more beautiful than witnessing the magnificent buildings Paris offers. Again, booking in advance to get your ticket is essential. You can often find package deals online and see both the Eiffel Tower and go on the Seine Cruise for under €50 within a few hours (great if you’re short on time!) which can often work out cheaper than buying tickets separately. You can also hop off at certain times on the boat if you wish to get a closer look at the spectacular views of Paris.

If you want to spend the day exploring…

A fun day in Paris!

If you have more time on your hands and aren’t constrained to a tight schedule then you’ll be lucky enough to take your time and experience all the other wonderful sites Paris has to offer. From shopping, sightseeing, guided tours, enjoying a picnic and tasting the amazing patisseries you’ll never get bored of the never ending possibilities Paris has to offer.

I’d recommend putting Paris on your bucket list if you haven’t already visited!! I made some amazing memories and can’t wait to go back when I have more time to explore the beautiful city.

Sophie x


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